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Yangon Bookstores

I haven’t seen a country read as much as Myanmar. Workers, lounging adults, soldiers and even kids pour their attention into the folds of newspapers – their lunch, checkerboards, or AK-47s at their side. I ponder the reasons that this … Continue reading

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Yangon (catching up)

(3rd week of Feb 2013) The Yangon Photo Festival is in its final stretch, and skilled photographers and journalists still roam the streets, chasing storys and photographing during the day, drinking and storytelling at night over mounds of BBQ and … Continue reading

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Yangon Day 1

The air charges your spirit.  None of us could articulate our feeling of the air, but we all agreed there was something special about it. No words combined and refined will ever be able to replicate the experience of being … Continue reading

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The full moon, dogs, and policemen riding pink scooters.

The dogs and cats are going crazy at the moment, here in Mae Hong Son.  If they’re not fighting, screeching or howling, they’re stuck together. It’s gross and it’s annoying. Dogs in Thailand are not like dogs back in The … Continue reading

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The same way you eat an elephant…

This entry is part of a summery of my recent past, part mental-processing, part excuse, part homework-for-you, and always incomplete.  (it is a bit wordy on my part, but your part comes in at the end) “Focus” in your daily … Continue reading

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Wat Tam Wua

It’s been far too long since I last posted.  Part of it was from being far away from internet, nestled in a forest monastery – Wat Tam Wua – that lies in a narrow valley in northern Thailand. The name translates into … Continue reading

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