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The same way you eat an elephant…

This entry is part of a summery of my recent past, part mental-processing, part excuse, part homework-for-you, and always incomplete.  (it is a bit wordy on my part, but your part comes in at the end) “Focus” in your daily … Continue reading

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The Beginning: The End of the Road (part 2)

I left off with our travel to Chiayi after tea time with some snacks that most Westerners have never heard of and might think a bit bizarre.  Tea time was only the beginning, definitely the appetizer of sorts, to the … Continue reading

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Rock to Pots

Although not my best work, some friends have been pressuring me to put out more video – specifically using my new GoPro.  Dealing with the fog that heat from my body creates within the casing, and a small case of … Continue reading

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CAH Azusa Opening

Ahhh, is it that time a year again when the weather gets colder, stout beer takes the place of session beers and I finally get my act together long enough to do a blog posting. One of the projects I’ve … Continue reading

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Photo/Video Art…amazing

This video by Blu is really an amazing work of art. Several months to produce with just stop-animation by snapshots and LOTS of creativity. Big Bang Big Boom

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