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“This is not my life anymore.”

 Lenny Watson – “Rainny” as the Thais call him – has had one hell of a life. His first tour of Iraq as a US Marine was in 2003.  The same year he got a tattoo across his chest stating … Continue reading

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The new yob

Directions change as fast as the wind. I was debating on whether to go to India or Australia or take a job in Taiwan or seek one out in China.  I felt that Thailand had run its course and my … Continue reading

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The full moon, dogs, and policemen riding pink scooters.

The dogs and cats are going crazy at the moment, here in Mae Hong Son.  If they’re not fighting, screeching or howling, they’re stuck together. It’s gross and it’s annoying. Dogs in Thailand are not like dogs back in The … Continue reading

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The same way you eat an elephant…

This entry is part of a summery of my recent past, part mental-processing, part excuse, part homework-for-you, and always incomplete.  (it is a bit wordy on my part, but your part comes in at the end) “Focus” in your daily … Continue reading

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Wat Tam Wua

It’s been far too long since I last posted.  Part of it was from being far away from internet, nestled in a forest monastery – Wat Tam Wua – that lies in a narrow valley in northern Thailand. The name translates into … Continue reading

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Songkran 2012

No one is trustworthy.  Even a small child will not hesitate to attack you from behind.  The amount of times I got shot in the butt is beyond count.  Single barrel, double barrel, pump action, shield guards and full on … Continue reading

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As the dust settles…

I’ve traded back and shoulder pains for calf knots. With every step, my calfs scream at me as I wander for miles around town almost every night, but as painful as it is, it is just as rewarding. Plus there’s … Continue reading

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