Pegu Club


One of the hardest things for me to adjust to in Burma is the horrible internet.   The majority of the time I’ve been here, my Blog wont let me upload any photos.  Even my Credit Card company’s website doesn’t work here.   It’s a 21st century annoyance for me.

So let’s hope this works.   As I sit at a bar far nicer than any I would sit at back home (or anywhere else at that), I sip on draft beer while watching the image upload bar and I think back to 52k modems and SimCity.

Here’s the Pegu Club.   A friend introduced me to this abandoned British gentleman’s club surrounded by embassies in the middle of Yangon.  It’s helped me decided that a personal project of mine will now be focused around the enchanting architecture mix amongst the Burmese smiles.


Mynmar5-377 Mynmar5-329


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