Happy New Years!


Yes, it’s belated, but not really.  When it comes to work, I make sure to make deadlines and even try to make them ahead of time if possible.  I’m a fan of the saying “If you’re not 15 mins early, you’re late.”

But this  in no way pertains to my personal life.  A new years post 15 days after New Years and my parents  just received the Christmas gifts which I ordered last week.  It’s the feeling and meaning behind it, not the deadline.  Last month I was in the Philippines and on the road – minimal internet and busy experiencing life in a new country.  My family and friends where in my mind but if I forced a gift deadline, they would’ve gotten socks.

Aside from.. well everything, there was one thing I did do on time – I approached this year mentally, with the same practice that Chris Guillebeau does.  He is a travel hacker, business start-up activist, and writer – the man behind The Art of Non-Conformity.com  I’ve actually been following his newsletter for over a year and find that more than any other newsletter, his seems to grab my attention and interests.

He wrote a couple of articles pertaining to and breaking down his yearly goals.  “I do this!”  I thought.  Then looking at his layout, realized how much more efficient his was.  Out with the old, in with the new.

It takes a bit of time dedication (anything worth doing, does) but for the first time in years, I feel focused, and able.  I’m not saying that all of it is due to this practice, but I felt it really helped me articulate my next steps.

No matter what you’ve done at the turn of this year, goals, resolutions or none – I wish you the best year imaginable.  Happy New Years

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1 Response to Happy New Years!

  1. Joc says:

    Very inspirational stuff!

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