The new yob

Directions change as fast as the wind.

I was debating on whether to go to India or Australia or take a job in Taiwan or seek one out in China.  I felt that Thailand had run its course and my options were wide open.

Almost a week left before my Visa ran out, and I got offered a job as directing manager at an Non Government Organization (NGO) dedicated to empowering photojournalism and visual literacy in Asia.  I decided to take it and stay in Chiang Mai for another 7 months.

Part Gallery, part library, part theater, part work/creative space, the Documentary Arts Asia (DAA) center has been my home for the better part of two months.  It’s exciting, intense and inspiring.  I work there everyday on the physical factors and the other aspects of the job, including stock agency,  publisher, grant-giver, artist in residency supporter and more.

My writing here will subside as I’m now writing under the DAA’s name.

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