Inspirational people post #2

#2 involve 2 people.  They go by AnT, and they go everywhere.  I met them in Long Beach,   where they convinced their landlord to turn her backyard into a sculpture garden.  I watched them leave to Mississippi, fly to Korea, Australia, Thailand and then come back to The States to get married in Queen Califia’s Magical Circle [sculpture] Garden. I finally had enough of watching, I had to meet them in Taiwan.  Each place they leave trinkets that let the community know that “AnT was here.”  In Taiwan, the trinket was a 7 ton permeant installation in Yingge’s ceramic museum.  They’re now in Georgia, making a 50 foot long dragonfly playground.  They bring communities together and by far are two of my favorite people in this world.  You can see their progress, their magic, and the people that can’t help but love these two, here:

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