Inspirational people #1

Over and over, travel affords meeting people of amazing and aspiring qualities. I want to share two people that are doing such. (people #1) I met this man in the common area of a guest house when I was in dire need of Visa information. His extensive knowledge led to more questions until I discovered that he had been bicycling across boarders for years. His life is inspiring, his photos are breathtaking and even his writing is grabbing. This is David Walker’s Blog

Relationships come and go; such is life. When we were reunited this evening I realised that, despite how I had felt for so long, the time for change had come. I confess my faithfulness had strayed as over the past few months I had been enjoying my time with an altogether more lithe beautiful and provocative young thing that had been luring me into riding her whenever I set eyes upon her. It had been quite an experience, often times exhausting but always immensely gratifying, promoting me to pore over websites yearning for even more beautiful and suitable models.

And so it was with a tinge of sadness that we were once again reunited this evening in Bangkok. As I dashed longingly up the stairs I recalled the day we first got together. I met her by Lumphini Park. I wanted to ride her there and then, but I was…

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