Rock to Pots

Although not my best work, some friends have been pressuring me to put out more video – specifically using my new GoPro.  Dealing with the fog that heat from my body creates within the casing, and a small case of nausea, I did a quick edit to make it reasonably shorter.

My bike ride from Yingge Rock to the Yingge Museum of Ceramics on a beautiful day on the last day of Chinese New Years.  The music was recorded outside of a nearby temple (pardon the fireworks towards the end) and for the high quality version, check it out on my Vimeo page:


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3 Responses to Rock to Pots

  1. Awesome Chris! That was quite the journey! Loved going from nature into the city and back again. Can't wait to see more!

  2. Thuy-M! says:

    Thanks for taking us on that amazing ride! I loved watching every moment of it. Here's to heightened senses and you living life to the fullest! Thinking of you, Tanner, and Alexis!

  3. Sweet ride!! That was awesome! Thanks for taking us along with you!

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