The Arrival

Wandering around a district of Taipei my first night/morning to try and get some orientation and energy to fight off jet lag at its greatest. I find my senses and personal space are bombarded by the color, noise, and harsher type of air that vibrates off the buildings and traffic that belittle my sense of self. “Tight” is the first word that comes to mind, during my walk as I see the way people interact and live.  My personal bubble, so used to a western lifestyle feels like it’s going to pop from everyone and thing bumping into me. Not only do people invade my space and nip my heels, but so do scooters, bikes and cars.  Traffic signals, signs and lines are more like guidelines than rules for Taiwanese people as they run red lights, go the wrong way down one way lanes and zip in and out of traffic.  The only true rule I have figured out is:  If they can see you, they’ll stop.  If not, you will get run over. (GoPro video of biking through traffic soon to come) 
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1 Response to The Arrival

  1. Thuy-M! says:

    Looks like Taiwan is giving you good training for the real chaos of Vietnam traffic!– if you end up going… So how are you adjusting? Hope you are happy and well!

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