Rancho Los Alamitos

Long Beach’s best kept secret settles on top of 7.5 acres located at the top of a hill directly adjacent to CSULB. Rancho Los Alamitos is a historic ranch site with beautiful gardens and quite literally a breath of fresh air. The Cactus Garden contains some amazing sights as some of the plants are quite old and take on an almost prehistoric vibe. Free to the public Wed-Sunday from 1-5, I’m going to be photographing there much more frequently.

Trying out some new things – my favorite image comes from an unexpected happening. with the light hitting just right, my camera captures the reflection between my polarizer and my UV filter and displays the writing on the lens. You can see it on the left side of the image directly below, just click on it to zoom in.

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2 Responses to Rancho Los Alamitos

  1. spencer says:

    lookin good bud, clean your lense on the first one though!

  2. PAUL+LEANNE says:

    Always fresh! love the lens flare.

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